How My Sister’s Pregnancy Altered The Nature of Our Relationship

I still remember the day when I found out that my younger sister was pregnant. She texted me to see if I was free to talk. I said yes.

And when I rang her up, she instantly screamed and cried her lungs out. She then went on to complain about her terrible morning sickness.

Oh dear. I could not contain my laugh. Probably because I felt the same way when I found out about my pregnancy.

But I am so happy with this news. And the fact that she’s going to suffer for at least 2 months with the morning sickness.

And another year when she becomes a mother. *evil laugh*

My sister and I have a big age gap

When we were growing up, I could not really understand her. We’re six years apart. That’s technically a whole generation.

She only went to Primary School when I started going to High School. We didn’t have much to talk about until recently when she got married.

And it was only for practical advice like how to raise money, and to ask for help in the wedding planning.

The pregnancy moves us closer to each other

Now that she’s pregnant, I find us talking to each other more than before.

She would text me to chat on her recent fetal development and pregnancy cravings. She once dropped by to see my son just because she missed him.

She also has developed a habit of asking for my son’s photos every week.

She believes that looking at cute baby photos will result in her delivering a cute baby.

Well, I don’t know. That might be the hormones talking.

The pregnancy makes me see her less as a baby sister

Just like my son will always be my baby, my sister will always be a baby sister to me. And that’s a problem.

Sometimes I forget that she’s an adult. I talk to her as if she’s still a child. She doesn’t deserve this, even when she behaves like one.

Pregnancy magically transformed her.

She has probably realized that she is going to receive another human to care for and be responsible of. She’s now less of a baby, and more a woman that I have come to respect.

When I was pregnant, I made a lot of lists. I track my savings and set a financial goal. I wanted to be prepared, and I don’t want to be trapped in my excitement that I spend more than I should.

With this in mind, I sent my sister a detailed list of what to buy for the baby, and also for herself. She arranged the list into a nice Excel sheet.

Every now and then, especially when she’s out shopping, she would call to ask for my opinion. And she occasionally shares the progress of their preparation.

Whenever I look at her now, I don’t see a baby that needs to be cared for anymore.

I see a grown woman. And this is a really huge shift in our relationship.

I was a first-time mother once

Deep inside my heart, no matter how much I try to ease my sister’s mind about it, I know that it’s going to be difficult.

I did not have anyone to refer to back then as I am the eldest among my siblings.

But I hope by having me by her side, it would help her to go through the journey with enough support from a fellow young mother.

Whatever that she’s going to feel and experience, I would have felt it before. Or at least be able to relate. I hope she will continue reaching out, and I will keep my door open for her.

Motherhood is a beautiful journey

But even the most beautiful journey has its bad days once in a while.

My sister has been a loving and fun aunt to my son. She buys stuff for him, and she keeps herself updated with his development.

Seeing her with my son, with her round belly that sometimes gets too big when she succumbs to the temptation of eating my mother’s home-cooked meals, I know that she’s going to be a wonderful mother.

She would survive the confinement period, the sleepless nights, and the endless crying.

She would survive the mornings when she put too much foundation mixed with tears to cover the dark circle from not sleeping the previous night.

And she would drive to my house to sleep all day so I can look after the baby and let her have her well-deserved rest.

But oh, never in a million years that I would change the baby’s diaper.

She’s going to wake up from her sleep and deal with it.

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Freelance Writer & Malay Translator. Work-at-Home Mummy. I write about Parenting and Relationship.

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