The thing with the school mates is that, they are "The Family" sans blood connections. You meet after years and years, but it feels like you were together just yesterday. Your perspectives and standards change, but they don't apply to them. Months go by without talking, but suddenly it's like you were screaming and running around the classroom just the week before. You've got your defenses down and your judgmental brain cells slammed; and then you're spilling your mind and them, theirs. Even just-a-familiar-face seems so dear- being part of a past so loving, so precious.

Amid a world that's endlessly speeding by and heaving through, these are moments when time stops and you relive the days you've left behind- days when you had love and had loved, above everything else. When you believed you wouldn't be alone even if everything that could go wrong had indeed gone wrong. Days when it was as true as the sun rising and falling that you had each other and it would stay like that forever. You're once again back in the days when you still had that little piece of forever within that tiny span of school years and you're once again tempted to believe that it's gonna stay like that, forever.

I started writing this with a sheer amount of happiness. Now I feel a little sad, and a little happy. Then there's this strange air of peace and it feels good.

Above all, it feels good :)

[Scribbles of my best friend whom I promised I won’t give any credit/courtesy to]