Martin Luther King Jr “Has his dream come true?

Upon reviewing my sons homework this evening on Martin Luther King, the last few sentences caught my eye “his dream has come true…”. I was disturbed by what I read.

I am going to cut through the chase. I reached out to the author Deana K. to voice my concerns. We have to stop allowing content to be written by people who do not have a clue. The issue of “white privilege” is this article. What you write -is right. It only has to be agreed upon by your peers. The DOE has a responsibility- really they do?

My personal responsibility to my 7 year old son -while he still remains in public school is to have a truthful dialogue. With the tragic shootings of so many black people- including my childhood friend Patrick Dorismond (my book (

to Ferguson, these shootings have been a trend for a long time. There is no way this article should have been written with this rainbows and unicorns ending. Deana K. clearly doesn’t understand the times that we are in.

I do understand my responsibility as a parent of a black boy. Basically giving my son and other youth a “second education” (a second dialogue is always going on)which has nothing to do with what he is taught in school. “ Has MLK’s dream come true?” Hell’s No! So why are they saying that it has to these impressionable 7 year old’s ? let me know your view — what do you think?

until later

author M.S.Woodley