Moschino vs. Camilla Elphick

Moschino as a shoe brand and emerging designer Camilla Elphick’s shoe brand both hold a lot of similarities and differences from what I’ve explored.

Digging deeper into Elphick’s shoe brand, which is simply called “Camilla Elphick”, I realized that her brand is very clever, whimsical, and bold. Her signature heel is based off of the old school candy “PEZ’ dispensers, which you can see in the photo below. In her other shoes, like her flats, they are a very brightly colored ruby red, silver, and black, all patent material. Elphick’s boots, however, are not very colorful, but still hold a lot of versatility. Some or matte, metallic, printed, or patent as well. Since Camilla Elphick is an emerging brand, there isn’t much to choose from on the website.

Moschino on the other hand, has more variety when it comes to shoes. Whether it’s boots, flats, heels, sandals, or sneakers, Jeremy Scott made sure to be able to attract every type of customer depending on the need. Different from Camilla Elphick, Moschino, firstly, has its name logoed on every shoe, making the customer know it’s brand and stand out from the rest. Color wise, Moschino switches up its color story depending on the year, season, and collaboration. For example, when Moschino x Adidas was a thing, the colors were super bold and the print was noticeable. I do think that Moschino carries both a whimsical aspect like Elphick and also an edgy aspect. A lot of the shoes this season are neutral, dark in color and have SOME print.

As for both of these brands, they are both super trendy and “out there”. They both stand out to customers, have the same price point, and I think that they will share the same customer who keeps up with current looks and trends. I don’t think that either brand is copying one another because they both have their own difference, but share the same common feeling. As for the future of Moschino and Camilla Elphick, I can see them both staying around and being successful for a long time and possibly (hopefully) collaborating.

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