Spiral at Chaco Canyon


Spiral at La Cieneguilla, New Mexico

You wrote the directions eight hundred years ago

Or more.

My acquaintance with time was circular.

But now,

I see through your eyes,

A spiral.

Light years away, vertical solstice beams pierce the center.

The sun.

At the outside edge, light tethered to its utmost extremity,

The moon.

Walking clockwise along the celestial road will I reach

The end of time?

Thank you for spending time with my words.

A trip to New Mexico in August of 2021 opened up new spaces for me.The photo included with this poem was taken at La Cieneguilla Petroglyph Site near Santa Fe before I found out about the time keeping usage of spiral designs.

You can find other poems about this trip on my page as well as a poem about numbers which was written around the same time and published in The Lark: