Is Trump Purposely Sabotaging His Campaign?
Michael Moore

Some cultures have a highly-developed sense of “face” and sometimes the best thing you can do is offer them a face-saving exit. People with a big ego (and, hey, that’s a lot of people in politics and film-making alike) often have big egos and all the fears of loosing face that go with it, but are not in an environment where face-saving is available, let alone a strong tradition.

So maybe you’re right, maybe somebody needs to look at Trump as the guy who needs a life-line thrown to him, instead of Trump the mouth-that-is-all-over-the-place. But Mike — or anybody — how could that happen?? To his enemies that will sound like compassion, and that’s the last thing those people have for him. To his supporters it will mean admitting they were fooled all along about what Trump’s real motives were.

So (and correct me if I’m wrong): Trump is in a hole and can’t get out. His supporters are in a hole and cannot get out (they cannot even admit it’s a different hole). And his enemies (Republican, Democrat, and non-US) are in a hole and cannot get out. All they can do is to keep digging their holes deeper and expect a different result next spadeful. The only people who are laughing are laughing with a Russian accent! [Sigh!]