Renault AWD (All is not Well with Duster)

I bought my first car just few weeks before my 30th birthday, Duster AWD. As I love going for long highway rides I thought it would be correct fit but it proved to be a disaster. Renault has been ridiculously unprofessional from day one till today. In last one year of experience with them I’ve been harassed every single time. Imagine of a shameless company’s service standards that they had to made me sign 3 satisfactory note already and will be signing fourth very soon probably, in just one year!

Before sale experience :

Interest rate went 7.9 to 12% just before 2 hours of scheduled delivery time

There were series of miss handling and fake commitments from Roharsh Motors Renault, Baner, Pune. From all that list I would bring one in notice to you is their promise of offering Renault Finance loan in 7.9% interest from the day I approached for the price quote. Amazingly just 2 hours before the car delivery time I got a call from Renault finance that the interest rate would be above 12% when they already had my 5 or 7 cross signed cheques with them! It didn’t end there, there were list of other documentation errors from their side. Shamelessly they asked me to sign a satisfactory note after handing over the keys.

After Sale Experience :

Loose battery wire and avoided turbo warning

Just a day after my second service I couldn’t start my car in office parking when I approached them they admitted it was because of carelessness they left the battery wire loose! I also complained the turbo signal on same service but they avoided it saying “it happens sometime, nothing to worry”. They claimed it without any check. Fortunately, the car system reflect it at what kilometre the warning showed up so its a proven and documented in their system.

Delivery with new scratches and dents which they were aware

Few days after my second service I asked them to repaint the back panel (fuel side) which got brushed in parking. Shockingly, they were happily delivering me the car with new scratches on back door which they were aware! Before I could complain to my service manager about the same he said he is aware about it and will fix it as soon he returns from his training (Ahmedabad). Hence I’ve to wait for a week to get it fixed! Wonder why do I’ve to wait for a week when he has already admitted his mistake. These scratches were round and just above them there are 2 circular tiny dents on that same panel which I repainted. Definitely the dents and scratches are caused by clamps (as they were circular). But because I couldn’t notice the dents they bluntly said it caused by stones on road. Hence, later they made me signed my SECOND SATISFACTORY NOTE.

A broken radiator of SUV with no accident or off-roading

Just at time of third service my car started heating up! I took it to Renault service station and they responded its because of broken radiator. I argued saying I never met with an accident or have done any off-roading which could damage my radiator. There’s no single mark on my car bonnet or even at the bottom which could prove that its because of any accident or any such impact. Its they who admitted that there is no point of contacting insurance guy as there is no accident mark on your car! They fitted a new radiator for which I paid and assured me the car is fixed and nothing to worry about. Hence I signed the THIRD SATISFACTORY NOTE. Mysteriously they kept every changed part in my car apart from radiator! And they avoided the turbo warning once again.

4 Hours 40 Minutes to tow my car to nearest service station. Later 6–7 kms walk with parents (senior citizens) to find a hotel.

A week after 3rd service with fixed (new) radiator I went for a ride to Mahabaleshwar with my parents. In between we stopped for some refreshment and out of curiosity I checked coolant if its level is okay. It was low and I could see the leaking green coolant coming from the bottom of car again. There were no warning signs at all till that point. I called Roharsh Motors Renault (Mr Javed) for help he gave me the toll free number and never bothered to follow up if I got the help at all. I called Renault Road Assistance at 4:01 pm, they replied they’ll get me help within sometime, I requested them that I’m with my parents who are senior citizens. My dad is diabetic and heart patient and mother has knee problem. I kept calling them till 7 pm for help standing in middle of highway with my parents but dint got any till that time. As I was in the middle of highway so couldn’t even sent my parents back as it was one way road to Satara (on opposite direction to Pune) so I had to cross that patch after waiting for THREE HOURS so that I can get a ride from Pune going vehicles for my parents. Hence, after 3 hours of wait I filled some water and crossed the one way patch. Finally the tow truck reached to us at 7:35 pm and dropped us at 8:40 pm to their service station. Wow! Four hours forty minutes to park my car inside a service station (4:01 pm to 8:40 pm). That nightmare didn’t end there! There was no one who bothered to follow up from Renault that did we reach safely or if we need any help. The service station was 2 km off highway with no residential building, cab, rickshaw or people around! I had to walk 6–7 kms in dark and aloof area on highway to find a descent hotel for my parents. I repeat, my dad is diabetic and a heart patient and mother has knee problem. Next morning my mother had a swollen feet so I asked her to take some rest in hotel and till then I’ll try to fix the car by that time. As expected Satara’s Renault service guys shown no sensitivity to my entire story and all they said is the problem in your car is serious but definitely were stunned that I paid for radiator just a week back, especially when there is no mark of accident at all. After few hours of inspection they informed me that car’s thermostat valve is broken and has a faulty boost sensor (For which I was complaining since second service, as mentioned above also). They recommended it would be better if I could drop my car with them so they can fix it with complete solution.

Next day got a call that both part has been covered under warranty but have to wait till it reaches from Chennai and also conveyed, “Surprisingly Renault has warned me to not put water in coolant box or they wont entertain any claim in future!” Shamelessly they dint apologised for making me and my parents (senior citizens) wait for 4 hour 40 minutes and walking 6–7 km in cold dark night but rather warned me to put water in radiator box! A great example of Renault’s ridiculous services and insensitivity. After 4–5 days I called their 2 associates but they never responded, the entire day. Next day one of them responded my call saying he is in Ahmedabad for training so wont be able to reply the query and asked me to contact the other person. After I could reach the third guy it was already 6 pm so he couldn’t update me with status either. Next day he replied it might take a week more to receive the thermostat valve from Chennai. Surprisingly got a call just a day after that they’ve received the part (Monday, 20 June’16) and requested to come on Wednesday as Tuesday they have power cuts. After asking about payment he replied that I’ve to pay for coolant (for which I already paid just a week before!). I couldn’t take off on the week so I informed them that I might come on Friday or if not then Saturday early morning.

Then five days to detect another problem, obviously on delivery day

Today (25th Jun), on Saturday morning I left a bit late as it was raining, just few minutes after I reached the bus stop to board to Satara I got a call ( at 12:03 pm) from Renault that they detected another problem! The coolant is coming out from cap and they might have to replace gasket! Hence I’ve to go back home. I wonder what were they doing in past 5 days with my car (Monday, 20th June) as they had the part since then! I called them again at 4:58 PM to know updates as I never got a reply with exact status. Later they replied that the part is not available and it might take few days more to get the part and to know will it be covered under warranty or not I have to wait till Monday (3 days more)!

Renault, a ridiculously insensitive organisation

Since last month (May 2016) I’m crying for coolant leakage and every week they keep giving another reason! I’m still not sure have they still got the root of problem or not and how much damage has happen to my car. Now they’ll be opening the car engine to fit gasket and see how much damage has happen to the surface.

I am really sick of Renault’s ridiculously unprofessional and insensitive services. Their associates hardly give a damn about customer. Check their service station’s rating in Pune, its 2.1 since a year but they hardly bothered. I’m really regretting being their customer since the day of purchase. Every time I keep forgiving believing that this would be last but it never ends. I’m dead sure this time also shamelessly they will be ready with FORTH SATISFACTORY note to sign (in hardly a year span).

I strongly recommend to not buy any Renault’s car as their services are pathetic and their associates are highly insensitive and incapable to serve. Be it before sale or after, they are ridiculously insufficient.

Please help me share

Guys please help me share this to as many people as we can. Even if a single share can influence our 2 or 3 friends then damage will be bigger to them. Thanks in advance.