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Do you hate giving up on a problem or a project? Do you have an infectious can-do attitude? Are you a talented person who likes to help others?

If you answer two out of three as yes, then beware!

You are one of the rare members of the society and a favorite target of skillful manipulators.

You are what they call a “sedulous” person. The dictionary defines sedulous as diligent, hardworking, and persistent. People like you have a positive attitude, they don’t give up, and they are reliable. They work to make a difference, and they don’t stop until the…

The Silicon Valley Coach Bill Campbell

In 2008, I read a story in Fortune about silicon valley’s best-kept secret. It was about an insightful help that silicon valley leaders like Steve Jobs, Sergey Brin, and Larry Page had received, which changed their companies and their careers. It revealed one external element that was common, but not commonly known in the careers of silicon valley’s top leaders.

Successful careers need much more than individual talent. An external and often crucially important element has to play a part as a catalyst.

When we see people succeed in their careers, it often looks like they were at the right…

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Devotedly working in the same position for three or more years? Read this now and avoid making a very costly mistake.

There are two types of employees in a company: Loyal Employees and Rising Stars.

Loyal employees are excellent performers. They work smart and hard. They seldom look for work opportunities outside. They take pride in representing their company, and they see their workplace as their second home.
Rising stars, on the other hand, are excellent performers as well, but in addition to their day to day jobs, they actively engage in their career growth. …

Time will not heal you, but a broader perspective can!

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If you are healing from emotional trauma or grieving a loss, and people tell you to give it some time because time heals everything, do not believe them.

Time by itself heals nothing.

Many survivors of emotional, physical or sexual abuse, do not find themselves truly healed even after decades.

They may have survived the abuse. That is to say that they were successful in getting themselves out of the abusive situation, healed physically, and are able to live normal lives. They survived, but that doesn’t mean they have healed completely.

Trauma survivors often find themselves replaying the traumatic events…

My journey to get in touch with my innermost essence has brought me to a place of emotional indifference to people’s opinions about me. I am now immune to people’s insistence that I should take their perception, judgment, and ideas on who I am, what I should feel or think and how I should behave. Even though such unsolicited advice is often presented to me as “for your own good”; I declare that I am under no obligation to accept it.

I no longer care what other people think of me. I trust my own inner judgment to differentiate between…

Maithilee Samant

Life is multi-faceted, and so am I. Coach, Technologist, and Artist. Founder of

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