Any tax which will be a burden on the public will not be imposed — President

President Miathripala Sirisena emphasizes that any tax which will be a burden on the public will not be imposed.

He pointed out that a section of the media published reports stating that the government is preparing for a revision of value Added Tax (VAT). “But I will never allow increase any tax which will oppress the poor masses in the country”, he stated.

“If there are any economic experts who present such proposals, I am not ready to get their advices for the economic program of the country and on the contrary I will send them home”, he further stated.

The President made these remarks at a function to offer best wishes to the people of Pulathisipura for the Sinhala and Tamil New Year, today (April 18) at the Buddhi Mandapaya in Polonnaruwa.

He pointed out that the policy of the current government is to provide the public a relief by giving them economic benefits as a government of the ordinary people.

“The new government will go forward as a people-friendly government without turning back”, he further stated.

The President recalled that with the political transformation that took place on January 08, 2015, ending the era of corruption, fraud and family dynasty, they have built a people centric government. He further stated that he will fully commit himself with a firm determination in this New Year to fulfill the aspirations of the people and will not allow any room for those forces that damaged the country to regain power once again.

“When the new government work with a commitment to making this country a better and developed one, some defeated political forces are trying to disguise themselves with different masks and to enter into the scenario,” the President said that adding he can well recognize those people and their opinions and would not be allowed to obstacle the forward march of the government.

President Sirisena also presented ‘Lakdaru Diriya’ scholarships to the recipients.

Chief Minister of the North Central Provincial Council, Peshala Jayarathna, Mr. Siripala Gamlath, MP, Mr. Nalaka Kolonne, MP, Mr. Sidney Jayarathna,MP and many others participated in the event.