The Ambiguous Nature of Integration: Why I need Feminism
AppleCat / Mya Hardman

Good article. Thanks Apple Cat. I appreciate the articulation of how feminism contributes to men and is not adversarial. As well as the impacts that affect all of us. One aspect that I struggle with is this if your open to an exploration of some of the terms/ concepts that you use. I personally am uncomfortable using terms like masculine and feminine and prefer to refer to them as masculinities and femininities(which are feminist terms), refering to dominant cultures perpetuation of belief systems. The reason for me is that I see the masculine and feminine as constructs that continually reinforce a gender binary that has had/has pretty severe consequences. So I question why I would take up these when they are A: relatively undefinable often ambiguous( unless we are talking about masculinities and femininities as feminism has defined them in relation to dominant structures of relating) and B: For many if not most people the distinction between masculine and feminine is still rooted in patriarchal understandings. An example is the new age esoterism of people like David Dieda, who on one hand i respect and on the other hand do not experience as someone who is really committed to exploring the social and political depth of using those terms. I observe this when I read his books and watched his videos his everyday language about gender does not reflect the acknowledgment of vast galaxy of expressions of gender in the world. Instead he remains pretty heteronormative and with many people that inspire to do his work, following in suit. And for these amongst other reasons its hard for me to take up this notion of “sacred masculinity.” Rather I accept that I gain benefits from living in accordance to dominant masculinities and can take up gender expressions at will, often at the expense of some of those benefits. For example if I express what someone might read as feminine qualities, I might be called a fag or a pussy. As a man that experiences emotion regularly, and expresses emotions regularly I do not see this as feminine I see this as part of being a human being. Anyhow, these are my thoughts and curiosities about how we choose to use those terms. Albeit this is still and probably always a work in progress. Thoughts?

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