Native cultural cues

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A cultural cue.

Finding a local taxi in Mumbai can be fairly easy. Convincing the taxi driver to take you to your destination, easier said than done.

If you beg and plead the right amount, you will be blessed with the ‘yes’ nod. It isn’t as much a nod as a quick flick of the head.

Don’t blink, don’t lose focus. For if you aren’t sufficiently cued in, there are only 2 possibilities:

  1. You miss the ‘yes’ nod in the infinitesimal moment it occurs in. The driver remains expressionless, so there’s no ‘before — after’ cue to know his response if you miss it
  2. You assume it to mean a ‘no’ (haven’t Indians always had a confusing head nod?) and proceed to find another driver to beg to.

Stay cued in.