Anita Rajan

Fortunate, favoured, blessed , privileged or gifted, call em what you may

Everyone hurts , everyone heals, we push we pull, we celebrate night and day

There are very few who have found the ones breakin for, tattered, shattered or even break away

We usually find the light comin through and we are Happie and gay

Although we choose to forget that it seeps from the broken bits as we say

But look at the sunny side up,you finally got light

For some who have never known anythin but darkness and night

so It burns true and bright,

Hug me tight

So that all the broken pieces stick back together and I am whole again

Hold my fragments with all your might

For I have been waitin for you, all my life

Zev and Kathy: I hope my words do justice to the piece in context

Thank you 😊