My New-year Maggi

A Maggi lover? Naah?? Don’t worry you are not going to have it’s taste while reading this blog! This ain’t about maggi, its about how I managed to cook my mid-night maggi in order to celebrate Diwali New Year.

I was eagerly waiting for the clock to tick 12:00 a.m. The night was getting cold and people out were having rave fire-crakers celebration with loud DJ. I went to the kitchen and put the vessel on the stove so that water starts getting boil. Meanwhile, I was looking for my maggi in almost every drawer of the kitchen! I didn’t find it. The water was already boiled so I switched off the stove but I was still searching it. While looking for maggi, I found old snacks which I was already looking for in the past. The Cheese biscuits, chocolates, chocolate sticks and what not.And hey! When you are already hungry and you see these surprisingly good snacks who will not resist to eat it. That was it. I was done eating those snacks but was a little disappoint that what I planned didn’t work in New year’s night.

While closing all the drawers my pink air-tighted box felt down and it was maggi inside it! I swear it must be mom who kept there!! It was a great dilemma to cook or let it go. Finally I decided to cook. The aroma,the colour and the way maggi gets boil is so redolent that one couldnt resist to smile. So, right now I’m writing this blog and maggi is in the front and trust me, am barely eating it.

This happened because I was already done eating those surprisingly snacks which appeared all of a sudden. And while coming back in my room, managing the bowl of maggi and my cell phone with a bottle of water in my hands it strike me one thing. We all are the same. We dream a lot. We make plans and few have courage to work on them. But, it is not neccesary that what we dream is acrually made for us. Or what we plan is meant to be done. Sometimes, unexpected is beautiful. I was really waiting to have noodles and celebrate the night but I got something else which honestly made me happier. So yeah, I think this whole New Year scene taught me one thing for sure. Don’t care whether you will gain what you dream for, make sure the journey you take is filled with integrity and joy!

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