LNU Trips and Stuff

One of the best parts about LNU so far has to be the Vaxjo International Students Association. The VIS is the group that runs the buddy program and many trips made especially for international students. They help you to get set up in your dorm room, and in general are a positive force for international students. The following are some of the events they are running this year.

  • Trip to Ikea
  • Fika for International students
  • Welcome Dinner and Afterparty
  • Moose and Glass
  • Trip to Norway
  • Trip to Lappland
  • Trip to Gottland
  • Gala Dinner and Afterparty
  • Sea Battle
  • More Fika
  • Meet and Greets
  • Barbecue
  • And a bunch that they will be doing later in winter and spring

These trips and events are great. I have gone to all the dinners and galas. Those events are an awesome opportunity to meet new people, eat some good food, drink some good liquor, and dance your heart out at the afterparty. And they are priced well, 150kr which comes out to around 15 Canadian dollars.

They also host Fika meet and greet nights where you can go and chat with other exchange students. There I met a Japanese student named Rio and then I met her friends Akari, and Ayako. I also met and chatted with a student from Russia.

At the barbecue I met students from Germany, and America. I met two German girls named Edna and Ramona.

I went on the trip to Gottland. We visited castles, spent time in Kalmar. Went on a really nice ferry to the island of Gottland. There we got to explore the city of Visby which was beautiful. We saw cool rock formations, had dinner, visited the beach. In Gottland I met even more people, and became better friends with many others. I got to meet Kazuko, and spent tons of time with a group of Japanese girls who I become decent friends with. I am not taking part in the other trips so far but I am waiting to see what else comes up.

The VIS is a major part of my experience so far in Sweden, and I would recommend taking part.

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