Swedish Canada or Canadian Sweden?

When I got off the plane in Sweden it was like I was still in Canada minus the fact that people were speaking Swedish. The weather after a month is the exact same as Canada. I hear the winters in Vaxjo are different, they are more rainy than snowy.

Everyone speaks at least a bit of English which makes it really easy to travel or get service at restaurants. Most restaurants will have a copy of the menu in English as well as Swedish. There is a similar mix of restaurants and pubs as in Canada. They have English style pubs, fancy restaurants, American style sports bars. They have pubs and clubs on campus.

Similar to Ontario liquor is sold only through government run stores, except that 2.8% and 3.5% beer is sold at grocery stores. The prices are similar to Canada. Drinking is not the cheapest thing to partake in.

You can drink at pubs and buy from grocery stores when you are 18, but to buy anything else you have to be 20.

The biggest differences from Canada are how bikes and alcohol are treated. Bikes are a big deal in Sweden. Having a bike is a major help and will make your life much easier. It is also safer to ride a bike in Sweden as there are many separate dedicated bike trails that do not take you close to cars or busy roads. There are about 6 or 7 bike shops in Vaxjo alone. A bike ride from Vallgatan residence off campus takes about 10–15 minutes. The path is very beautiful, with the path going along the lake, and through a forested area.

How alcohol is treated in Sweden is amazing. There are no rules against alcohol in residence. There is not just one pub but two pubs and a club on campus. At one of the pubs you can gamble. Frosh week for the Swedes was crazy. They turned campus into a disaster zone. By the time it was done the university had cleanup crews loading tents, couches, and tons of garbage onto trucks to be taken away. If something like it happened at Laurier articles would be written, the dean would have to apologize on behalf of the school. It would be a scandal. But here it is business as usual.

In conclusion Sweden is pretty sweet. Similar to Canada but better in all the right areas.

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