Traveling Opportunities in Sweden at LNU

One of the great things about Sweden is that it is located close to many different countries and it is cheap to travel to other countries. Although I have not done much traveling some of my peers are partaking in traveling. One of my friends spent two weeks in the Baltic states. Another group of friends went to London for six days. Some of my friends have gone to Spain and Portugal. Others are planning a six day trip to Iceland. Many people have traveled to Copenhagen. The prices are cheap and the locations are plentiful. I myself am looking more at traveling around Sweden. I visited Kalmar with some of my friends and we toured a castle, and looked at some cool monuments and locations.

Honestly the opportunity for travel is limitless. It is simply a question of time and money. If you have the time and the money you can go almost anywhere in Europe. Borders are relatively easy to cross with little hassle. Many international students want to travel so finding people to travel with is easy. Lectures are optional which aids in finding time to travel.

The best thing to do if you want to travel is start early. Plan it out. Time flies if you are not careful. You arrive in Sweden and then all of a sudden a month has passed.

Always remember that anything is possible when it comes to travel in Europe. Take advantage of that, especially if you love to travel.

But even if you don’t want to travel too much, even Sweden alone has plenty of places to see and explore, and travel is really easy in Sweden.

Take the time, and see things that you would never see in Canada.

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