What If Great Poets Covered Politics?
Greg Schwem

I think news outlets deleted some lines of your “Robert Frost” poem!

(With apologies to Robert Frost)

What booth is this, I think I know

Housed at the local high school, so

It beckons me and draws me near

To cast my vote, in times of woe.

My wife, she really thinks I’m queer.

We’ve butted heads, nearly a year.

“Vote Trump,” she said, he’s not a fake.

President Trump? Now that I fear.

I’m scared of bigotry in my face,

but not of bigotry served with Southern Grace.

I give my voting hand a shake

And solely for the country’s sake,

Three times I click my heels

and remember Hillary’s Russian nuclear deals.

Corruption is not just for 3rd world country leaders,

but also for 1st world political email deleters.

Since oil countries gave her money in big heaps,

Hillary, the TravelGate queen, my support she’ll reap.

I hope I die, before I wake.

The booth is lovely, dark and big.

After today, up is the jig.

Mrs. Clinton must get the gig

But as Trump says, the votes are rigged.

Hope you can send it off to all of your syndicated papers and get the correction printed!

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