Media Lit Post 2

Advertisers see a lot of benefit in advertising to teens. Teens have more money to spend as they are still dependent on their parents and they have a lot of influence over the money their parents spend. Tapping into the teen market with well placed advertising is an extremely efficient way of increasing revenue at a company, and social media provides the perfect platform for this advertising. A large amount of teens are constantly looking at their social media feeds and placing ads in the middle of this feed will make it extremely easy for them to want the product. These new ads make teens extremely vulnerable compared to other demographics, as they will be exposed to the ads every time they check social media, which is extremely often for most teens. Even if they skip through the ads, they will be exposed to them more.

Personally, I am bothered by advertising. I will install every form of ad block I can get and will skip through any ad I see as fast as possible. When I see ads, it makes me want to buy a product less. I will generally buy from companies that I see the fewest amount of ads from in a way of protesting being annoyed by ads. The things I perceive to be cool are defined by my interests rather than advertisements.