5 Little things I have learned from listening to Ed Sheeran on repeat

I had never been that much into Ed Sheeran. Not saying I disliked him, he was a bit like potatoes to me. Everybody likes them but nobody will ever recommend you an amazing potato that you just have to try. When a friend recommended listening to has last album ‘Divide’ it has not left my Spotify playlist, literally. Who knew a bit of music could teach me so much?

1. I am not the only person in the world with a massive love for Barcelona. Ed could have sung about any European city. Amsterdam is pretty cool and so is Paris. But just like me, Ed knows where it is at. Rightfully so, Paella, the beach, sunshine, Gaudi; listen to us: Barcelona should be on everybody’s travel list.

2. Suddenly I have become well aware of things that can destroy a woman like me. No, really. Every time I hear him sing those lyrics in ‘Eraser’ it makes me realise what is causing me to make mistakes. So frankly I can thank mr Sheeran for looking at what I am doing and taking steps in making myself happier.

3. Old friendships are to be cherished. Friends that have known you when you had you first kiss, that were there for your first shots, that still remember your childhood dreams. Having these people still in your life means you always have a home. You might have not become that pop star, live on the other side of the world; there is nothing quite like sharing one look that can lead to endless laughter.

4. Everyone deserves to be loved like Ed Sheeran loves. Were it boybands and rom coms that used to be my standard for love, Ed has managed to raise this bar even higher. Calling somebody ‘Perfect’ is basically what everybody wants to hear and I now truly believe nobody (or well me) should settle for anything less than perfect. And yes this might have led to me ending my not so perfect fling.

5. I need to call my mum more often and not ignore her, somewhat intrusive, but always well-meant, daily texts. If there is one lesson you take away from my new best friend Ed, let it be that time is precious and loving the people around as much as you can right now it the best thing you can do. For now and for the future you.

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