5 little things I learned from stuffing my face at ‘all you can eat’ restaurants

It seems like Dutch people are constantly starving and going out for diner is the way to top up, kind of like a camel. Every restaurant seems to be this way; sushi, meat, tapas: you can’t just go for one dish. Ow no full until you burst seems to be the aim.

  1. It isn’t about flavours. It’s is literally about eating as many different things as you possible can. Is there a dish you don’t like? Not to worry, it’s only small and you can order loads of new ones. Which you will. As you don’t want to miss anything, you will eat until you can never eat no more (or so it seems).
  2. Veggies seem the be lost in the concept. Sure you can get a deep-fried pepper or mushrooms in garlic butter. Just don’t expect to get your 5 a day, aiming for 2 is even out of the question.
  3. It is highly frowned upon when you order anything carb-y. Potatoes, noodles, beans are seen as a waste of stomach space and are therefor to be avoided at all cost.
  4. There always seems to be one forgotten dish. Whether they do this to keep you on your toes or if the hundreds of hungry mouths they have to feed is just too hard to remember, one dish always needs to be requested on several occasions.
  5. Even though the concept seems horrible and for any true foodie, it is. There is one big benefit of the kind of dining: time. As you wait between dishes this means you get to spend a lot longer with you company which actually makes it a perfect night out (if you forget to meat sweats, sore tummy and extra pounds).