5 little things I’ve learned on my 32nd birthday

Turning 32 seemed like a bad idea. I mean, 30 is bad, 31 is kind of the same, but 32 is even a bigger step into adulthood. Turns out it actually is amazing as this is the age I truly feel like I know myself and have surrounded myself with people I love.

  1. You are never too old to receive your first caterpillar cake. Suddenly I feel like I am a true Brit, that I am part of a tradition. That this tradition means I get a cake I can’t eat (cause dairy and gluten), that doesn’t matter. It means that I am seen as one of the people that should be getting a caterpillar cake.

2. It is the day you learn that you have made an impression on people. Suddenly getting flowers and having somebody you showing up to you dinner not because you invited them (because you didn’t) but for them just wanting to be there, feels wonderful.

3. Do tell the world it is your birthday and do wear your prettiest dress. This is your day and getting compliments or free sweets should be part of it. It is nice to have people wish you well, it actually makes you feel like you will be doing well the coming year as well.

4. Birthdays are great for reflection. Writing down all the things you have learned in the past year and the things you want to learn in the year to come, give the day a little bit extra.

5. Good friends are rare but so so precious. Those people that show up no matter what, will travel anywhere just to be there and bring you the most thoughtful presents, they are the ones you need to cherish forever because without them you are not the great person you are.