5 more little things a noticed in Holland as a former Dutch person

Yesterday’s post suddenly made me notice more things than I ever have about Holland. Oddly, I’ve grown up with these things so they should be so common yet they surprise me none the less.

  1. Dutch people love the English language. Yes this is a very common fact but, they love it so much now tv presenter of Dutch shows (with Dutch guests) are English. Maybe they are running out of fame hungry dutchmen?
  2. The use of emojis is in abundance and somewhat inappropriate. Especially restaurants can’t seem to get enough from them. A menu that has a winking smiley to show you can order bar food at the. table?
  3. Every single person seems to be wearing the same. It’s is hard to not find a jeans/tshirt wearing Dutch(wo)men. Yet shops are full of colourful dresses, play suits and skirts. It makes you wonder: are they all ‘special occasion’ clothes or does everybody just have a massive wardrobe to stare at (but wearing it, oh no that would be way too crazy).
  4. Where the word ‘gezellig’ used to be enough to describe a good time with friends. (This is literally what is means, have a good/nice time). Now every dinner, coffee, drink needs to be assigned to an adjective. So far I’ve had an exotic coffee time (I had a coconut flat white) and a rugged lunch in a even more rugged ‘food hall’.
  5. Being a Londoner, staring is a big sin. Not looking at anybody is almost a sport. Not in holland. Wearing some colourful shoes? Here come the stares. Talking a little bit louder than you should? Stares. Pink dyed hair? Double stares, oh no, triple stares. There is no shame in the Dutch staring game.