The “Women in Tech” convo needs more men
Jess Iandiorio

I just want to say something that is bothering me for quit some time, but I never voiced it before. I think that movement Women in Tech must be redesigned because in my opinion it’s reason for moving women away from tech. I work with teens, girls from 14 to 16, for 2 years now and in that time I didn’t find one single girl who wanted to go in tech. When asked why not, beside usual we are not interested, some girls mention that it’s because they hear how tech is horrible for women and that they cannot succeed or even find work easily and it’s too much drama. I think that, while talking about problems is important, there should be much more talk about successful women to motivate young generations and to set up some roll models. There was and is lot of successful women in tech that are waiting for their stories to be told.

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