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Nikeone of the first aspirational lifestyle brands. The “Just Do It” tagline that was introduced in 1988 became a rallying cry at a time when fitness was coming of age in the US. It was a tagline that emphasized courage, perseverance and rugged individualismand fed into America’s image of itself at the time: the leaders, the winners, the fighters.

Fast forward 30 years and the image of both our nation and ourselves as Americans has changed tenfold, and Nike and other brands have struggled to keep up. …

Gen Xers, I urge you to follow these five women on social media for a daily dose of feminine exuberance and affirmation. Not only will you be inspired and entertained, but you can bask in some of the gains our culture has made in enabling young women to step into their power. While these gains are often made through the back door of social media (rather than, for example, actual pay equity), the impact that these women make and have yet to make is undeniable. …

My 11 year old son recently asked me , “Why would anyone buy something from a (brick and mortar) store?” And therein lies one of the clear generational divides.

It’s a good question, of course. And what it really boils down to is, “What is the value of the experience of buying something in-store?” Customer experience is something that’s hard to describe to a fifth grader, but for those of us born in the generations before, it’s easy to define… Customer experience can be as vast as the difference between walking into the Department of Motor Vehicles or walking into the Apple Store.

Why has retail moved online? Two clear answers: selection and price. Experience was never part of the equation…it was always about the bottom line.

So what…

In the olden days, nigh on twelve years ago, I launched a boutique textile line online which was essentially an overnight success. In truth, I’d taken roughly two years to research, develop and launch my product, but it really only took that initial submission of photos to the leading design blog at the time to launch my product globally: immediate traffic to my online store, print magazine placement and countless wholesale inquiries. Quite honestly, the success exceeded all of my expectations.

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