Visualize to Manifest

Did you know that if you visualize your desired outcomes and goals there is a greater chance of them manifesting? It’s really not all woo! It actually works.

Being the practical Virgo I love having scientific proof so I did my research and it seems that our brain doesn’t know if what we’re visualizing is real or not! Whether you’re remembering a situation from the past, playing possible scenarios in your mind or visualizing exactly what you’d like to achieve — there is no difference. What you’re thinking about you will attract. That’s basic Law of Attraction. On the more scientific level, visualization conditions neurological pathways and influences the subconscious mind. Basically, you are programming yourself. The key is to make it as real as possible and as if it’s already manifested, by bringing the feeling into the present moment.

There are many different ways to do that, but I’d like to share with you one that I found quite powerful.


Imagine you just received what you wanted. Imagine as many details as possible, the colors, the smells, the taste, the sounds, people who are with you, surroundings, temperature, and most importantly — HOW DO YOU FEEL? This is crucial! FEEL it in your body and bring this emotion of excitement, relief, joy, or whatever you are feeling into the present moment. Enhance it! Then once you have a clear vision and you are living it right now — imagine sharing the good news with a loved one. Have that talk in your mind’s eye. It’s already happened. It’s here. You can relax. Take a nice deep breath in…and breath out.

Your manifestation is on the way!

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