Let’s Make it 10K!

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Few weeks ago, I was making fun of my sister; she was crazily moving around the house, after getting her apple watch and trying to reach her goal: 10 000 steps per day. Thursday 23rd of November 2017, was simply a historical day: the day when I received a package delivering my first Smart Watch. I used to be someone very active, a morning person; I jump from bed straight to the gym for an hour or more, before heading to work. Recently I noticed that I became very lazy. After seeing my sister’s motivation to move after purchasing her apple watch, I decided to give up and simply order the Fit Bit Alta HR watch.

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With the built-in heart rate monitor and pedometer the Smartwatch can also partially act as a fitness tracker… Perhaps you look at the step-counter after your meeting, and realize that you are still far away from achieving your daily step target. You may find making the decision to walk rather than to take the train/car is easier having this information” (Wishmann P. 6 and 7).

When I asked one of my colleagues about her Fit Bit experience, she mentioned that she purchased it 2 years back from the U. S., and from that time until today, “the 30 minutes training” became an essential element of her daily lifestyle.

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Is technology able to change a lifestyle? Am I seeing any change? Yes… definitely! When I went for shopping last weekend, I needed to visit exactly two stores. Even though, I kept moving around the whole place. When I got home, my sister asked me to show her what I bought; I kept the bags on the floor and started moving and jumping around the living room while telling her: “wait, wait, it is 11.30 PM, I still have 200 meters”. Besides, the biggest celebration took place, when the little Smart watch started to vibrate, with some stars appearing on the screen and writings congratulating me for achieving the 10 000 steps. Even at work, when I notice that I have been sitting for more than 20 minutes, I take a staircase break, and I completely stopped using the elevator.

It’s About Time
The smartwatch has become something of the norm with today’s tech-loving society. With a number of features that make it easier to complete specific tasks, people find it far easier and more beneficial to access information from their wrist rather than tie up both hands with their smart phones.

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Everything is changing around us. Today we wake up with a smart watch already on our wrist, we check our smart phone, and we play some nice music on our smart television. Technology is becoming more and more vital in our daily life, with all the negative and positive sides that it can hold. It is all about us, and about how we use it and make it beneficial.

When I compare my grandmother’s watch to mine, I wonder how my grandchildren’s watch might look like. They might be wearing a watch able to fly! Why not! Everything can happen, let’s wait and see. Now I need to move a bit, I have to reach my 10K for today.