Best Driver!

“It’ll be okay.” She didn’t know if it would be okay or not. She somehow doubted it, but what else was there to say?” 
― Suzanne Weyn, The Bar Code Tattoo

We are too young to lose hope and not old enough to pretend that everything will be alright! yet we live each day believing that tomorrow will be better.

it’s the time of our lives where we’re trying to figure out ourselves .. and creat our future yet it doeasn’t seem to be an easy task to do.

we try hard yet nothing happens, what’s wrong? is it us or it’s just not the right time for it to happen?

why do we rush things and try to get things as fast as possible .. seeing everyone are passing by us and succeeding in everything they do yet why not us?

why are we moving too slow like time has stopped on us while others are getting on the top!

But then it hit us that everything beautiful happens when it’s the right time for it to happen .. maybe our time is not now .. maybe we need to be patient and try to improve ourselves in every aspect of our life .. Because in the end we’re the best drivers of our own story.

we don’t need to keep up with everyone around us .. why we want to be like them when all we want to be is ourselves.

“Trees that are slow to grow bear the best fruit.” 
― Molière

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