Nodus Tollens!

“There’s more to getting to where you’re going than just knowing there’s a road.”
- Joan Lowery Nixon.

That point in the middle of the road toward your goal, things get foggy and unclear, even when things gets clear you ain’t on the same road anymore! Did I miss calculated or am I just lost? (Believe me it happens!)

At that point, I asked myself should I get back to the beginning were it all started?!

Today I got the news that shock me in a way I felt I was doing all of this for nothing, I waited too long for it, yet it was postponed further! Should I continue waiting for it or should I start working on something else? *thought to myself*

Still not sure what to do! But what I thought about till now is why not start improving in other aspect while waiting for the other thing! I can get both of it instead of giving up easily on one of them, let’s just work for both of it. *they’re related*.

It may not make sense now, but eventually everything connects in the end.

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