You thought about this at least Once in your life!

Waking up to neatly folded blankets … a sudden thought came to your mind! nobody knows what were you thinking about.

A thought anyone would’ve had at least once in their life time …

“If I disappear .. as if I were never here”

Today you’re living as hard as yesterday .. if you just go like this, maybe you’ll find a reason not to disappear .. only if you just go on like this.

Today was as hard as yesterday .. after leaving work, the day has already went to darkness, the way back home was always lonely .. although the streets were crowded with busy people.

You found yourself comforting your lonely heart again today … after you spent a day that almost took your breath away.

“you did a great job today” that’s the words you would like to tell yourself the most. yet it took so long for you to say it!

you know that painful stuff comes easily .. and you’re afraid of tomorrow! But While the world is asleep, you stared out the window .. a sudden thought came to your mind …

“Someday, a happier day will come .. better than today!”

Thanks for giving me some of your precious time ~

•Art by : miriana sovovo

•you’ll find traces of me over here:

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