We long for a life we have control of.

George Condo, Beginnings, 2014

We want our own space, do the things we love doing, live the way we want to live.

We want everything to go according to our own decisions ..

We want to wake up every morning, exciting for what is to come ..

We want to live in the moment, not afraid what tomorrow might be hiding for us.

We want to open up to every one around us, hoping that they won’t deceive us in the end.

We are willing to wait in the long line, knowing our patience will bring us fortunes, not dead ends.

We want to love and beloved wholeheartedly, so we can live happily ever after.

All of these Dream-like-Reality is pretty amazing. yet, Is that what we really want?

If these things were so easy to get we wouldn’t have known the true meaning of it! these things would’ve become meaningless once you get used to it.

I know that we hate to struggle everyday, not knowing what the future holds in it for us.

We must find beauty in suffering, in pain, and in every break down in our lives.

We Flourish through pain and struggle .. we evolve and sculpture our character and future through Agony.

“Pain is inevitable yet Temporary”

It gives us the greatest lessons in our live, It makes us appreciate the glimpse of happiness that comes after it.

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