Who are you when you’re on the Edge?

When you’re sick of everything.

I know it sucks when you don’t have anything to do .. when you don’t want to do anything .. when you don’t have a dream that wakes you up everyday ..

I know they’ve said to do as you’re told, that it would be fine and you’ll know what you want to do, just after you graduate from uni.

You went through it believing in those words like an idiot ..

Now you wanna live because you don’t want to die ..

“Leave me alone, I want to be reckless for a moment”
*you said*

These kind of days when you can’t stand being sober yet nothing makes you drunk either.

“Every one is running, why am still here? Everyone figured it out, why I still don’t?” *you said again*

Nothing is more miserable and lonely than having nothing you want to do. And Everyone around you tries to bring you back to your senses.

You try to scream out your anger, but the only one here is you, so what’s the point of venting?

Everyday .. Every morning..

It’s terrifying to open your eyes .. to breath.

You’re becoming more and more impatient as time goes by ..

Hating the feeling of being on your own!

You want everything to disappear ..

Getting further away from the sky ..

Falling …

Now You’re just walking in this darkness aimlessly.

Time asks you: Are you Happy? Are you Alright?

You answered: NO, I am afraid but even so I’ll still be walking.

You’re just trying to withstand it because what you can do is only this.

You want to dream more .. even if it’ll get you pain and bruises it’ll fade eventually.

“It’s my choice even so I want to struggle, don’t tell me what to do, just leave me be”
*you said*

Maybe you won’t be able to touch the sky, maybe you won’t grow wings and fly high but at least you stretched your hands as much as you can and did what you love doing.

So Dream and chase your dreams because you’re the only one who’ll make them into reality.

Lastly …

Dear friend,
Keep dreaming, though the beginnings may seem impossible may the end be prosperous.

  • Thanks for your precious time ~
  • Events Based on my friend’s life. My friend inspired me to write this piece.💭
  • Art illustration: 1st one : zansot … 2nd one:lazysiren
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