Why it’s important for every human to exhibit a growth mindset

Growth mindset is an attribute every human must possess to be able to archive their goals in life. It is often said that the road to success is always narrow and though, which means nothing good comes easy. To achieve great things in life every human must be determined to consistent and ready to stand against all odds. There will always be obstacles and barriers which may directly or indirectly affect your mindset towards the set goals. It takes determination and perseverance to archive something great in life.

People with fixed mindset always end up half way because when they hit an obstacle in what they have embarked on. They tend to give up easily base on the fact that they have already concluded in their mind that they cannot stand up to face the challenge facing them at that time. For instance an Elephant chained for several years would believe he cannot move beyond the length of the chain even when he’s set free because he already concluded in his mind all the while he’s chained down that he cannot move beyond the chain length.

In conclusion growth is a mind set with the believe that everything is achievable if given all the necessary attention and dedication. With determination even the hardest of stone will yield water. And every success story in life has some measures of sacrifice

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