Jamie Talbot
Feb 26, 2015 · 1 min read

Past Jamie is a moron. Past Jamie took a bunch of shortcuts, the net result of which is that the code Present Jamie is writing is an order of magnitude more complex than it needs to be. Present Jamie understands the need to pragmatically cut the odd corner or two in order to hit a deadline, but Past Jamie appears to have cut so many in this portion of the codebase that at this point it’s basically a fucking circle. There’s no way this code should be in production.

In fact, the problems are stacked up so high that Present Jamie is having trouble finding a workable solution. Fortunately, he’s also working with Future Jamie, an ultra-dependable programmer of infinite intelligence and resolve, who will undoubtedly be able to solve this accumulation of issues with clear, concise, and elegant code. Present Jamie adds a quick hack and an apologetic TODO, delegates a chunk of the problem to Future Jamie, then relaxes, congratulating himself for shipping on time and to budget.

Past Jamie is a moron…

Jamie Talbot

Written by

Ex-gaijin, kangaroo-loving software simian from Merrie England, building @Pinian. Formerly @Medium and @StumbleUpon.

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