5 Questions To Ask Yourself While Choosing Your Hardwood

So, you have decided to replace your old home flooring with hardwood floors. Great decision! Now you are in the market to find a great deal on your hardwood floor purchase, right? Don’t be rushed please!

There’re several aspects that’ll determine what type of hardwood floor your your home can accommodate, and what’ll look the best with you existing furnishing and décor.

Below mentioned are 5 things to take into account while picking a hardwood floor for your home:

Where the wood will be going?

Setting up hardwood floors on second story is quite different compared to doing so in a bottom floor. A space below ground level is what is called as ‘below grade’, whereas a floor that is even with the exterior ground level is known as ‘on grade’, and any floors on top of this are called as ‘above grade’.

You aren’t supposed to place solid wood below grade, since the dampness coming through the ground may cause issues. Therefore, engineered wood is best recommended.

What’s the sub-floor composed of?

Be certain about the kind of sub-floor you own. There’re 3 most common varieties: plywood, concrete slab and particleboard. This’ll assist you confirm whether you can set up solid wood floors or if an engineered wood is ideal.

Be sure about your living habits

Think regarding how much torture your floor can tolerate and learn regarding particular wood species & their strength. Do you’ve pets and kids? Do your home host large parties quite often? Or are you a single person who tours a lot? These all are very important questions to take into account.

If your home experience high traffic all through the day, you will wish to opt with a harder wood. You can consider Red oak that is quite hard and genuinely priced.

What style of home you own?

If your home style is modern, natural maple infuse itself pretty well to contemporary style. Stained oak & boards without knots also produce a clean look that work well in modern settings.

If your home style is conventional, opt with something like hickory that gives you more of a classic cabinet feel. Furthermore, boards with knots & broad planks fits a more conventional style.

How will you stain & finish it?

A stain incorporate color to the wood. The finish safeguards the floor from getting filthy.

Special note: A finish can have a significant impact on the maintenance. A solid wood that is been hand-scratched to achieve a lower sheen matte finish is simpler to maintain, since you you will not notice as much wear & tear. But possibly you wish a semi-gloss look.

A stain adds colour to the wood. The finish protects the floors from getting dirty. Any stain or finish can be applied to almost any wood. Some people like the colour of oak but want the grain pattern of walnut. That’s where staining can come in to play.

Also, buying wood that is been prefinished will offer you a great idea of what it’ll look like and will save you the effort and time of finishing the floor on-site. Engineered wood is generally prefinished.

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