How To Know If Your Hardwood Floor Is Ready To Be Refinished?

Hardwood is probably the most functional of all flooring materials available today. However, with continuous use, the precautionary layer may wear out, most perceptibly in high traffic regions. This is where professional hardwood floor Refinishing in Charlotte, NC come to play. Refinishing your hardwood floor can also make it much simpler to maintain than when they were installed originally. Furthermore, refinishing your hardwood flooring will freshen up its finish that is dulled from being concealed beneath carpet for many years.

Anybody who has dealt with a hardwood Refinishing task can tell you it is a clutter, starting with the separation of the earlier finish. Nonetheless, hardwood flooring experts have the experience and knowledge to offer your wood flooring an elegant finish. Most importantly, they’ve the appropriate gears to manage the task effectively, encompassing power sanders to take off the previous finish and to set the wood to receive new stain. Unless you’ve experience or expertise in this field, it isn’t advisable to go for a project of this extent on your own. Even then, the possible cost savings mayn’t exceed the strain over a task well done

Hardwood Flooring Refinishing Test:

To confirm if your hardwood floor’s finish is shot or just soiled, go for this easy test.

  • Move to a high traffic area of your room where your wood flooring tolerates the most ill-treatment. Pour a spoon of water over the flooring. If the water produces beads, the flooring is sealed properly. At most, cleaning & stain removal is required.
  • If the water takes a few minutes to soak in and only darken the floors slightly, the finish is worn partially. Don’t hold too long to refinish the flooring.
  • If the water seep in immediately and departs a dark stain, it is certainly time to refinish your hardwood floor.

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