The Aesthetic Appeal Of Stainless Steel Wire Balustrade

Balustrades options are varied — timber, glass, aluminum, wrought iron and the list goes on. But which one can be the best for your construction project?

When it comes to balustrade, the aesthetic appeal is just as important as the functionality. A wire balustrade can be impressive, especially when it is made up of stainless steel. A stainless wire balustrade is an excellent choice for new homes or renovated section of a building in Perth as it offers various benefits. Some of the benefits are mentioned below.

Better than glass

Stainless steel wire balustrade is a good alternative to glass options. Well, glasses do offer an excellent view of a balcony or staircases, but they have a few disadvantages compared to steel wire balustrade. Glass panels attract a lot of dirt. This means, you have to invest in extensive maintenance.

Another drawback is the wind conditions. Perth is an area which receives heavy rainfall along with thunderstorms. It is considered to be the fourth wettest capital city of Australia after Darwin, Sydney and Brisbane. Thus, you shouldn’t be installing something which can suffer damage from high winds. Strong winds can put a lot of pressure on the glass panels. On the contrary, steel wire balustrades have no risk of getting damaged as they are sturdy enough.

Adds value

Steel is known for its high degree of durability. Hence, it is a sensible investment for all homes. The balustrades can last for years if installed correctly and maintained properly. In future, if you want to put your property on sale, interested buyers will not worry about the steel balustrades as everyone knows about the durability.

Low maintenance

Everyone loves a construction item which requires low maintenance, probably due to busy work schedules. This is why, steel wire balustrade is the best option. It has the ability to automatically maintain the aesthetic appeal without requiring too much upkeep. Although, you may need to tighten the wires occasionally, but it depends on the quality of the wires and their configuration.

Range of options

Metal posts can be a wise option for wire balustrades. However, metal posts may decrease the aesthetic appeal a bit.

Wooden posts are selected based on the wood-works used for the deck. Wood can be a better option as it adds a degree of warmth to the aesthetics. However, the posts require daily or weekly maintenance.

The alignment of the wires is an important consideration. Horizontal form is the most common alignment of all. However, vertical alignment can also ensure aesthetic appeal as it enhances the minimalist appearance of the balustrades.

This overall discussion shows that wire balustrade is the best option for buildings to withstand extreme climatic conditions with style.

Majestic Stairs is a leading manufacturer of beautiful staircases for homes and offices.

Majestic Stairs is a leading manufacturer of beautiful staircases for homes and offices.