Types And Designs Of Glass Balustrades

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Feb 15, 2017 · 2 min read

If you in search of balustrade for your staircases, balconies or garden, here’s an article on glass balustrade which is a must read for you.

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In accordance to BCA’s safety guidelines, all staircases and balconies with a height of over 1 metre must have balustrades. Balustrades are available in many different materials, ranging from stainless steel and timber to wire and glass. You can opt from a variety of options or even in a combination of these materials, which gives you an endless variety to pick from. However, one that remains constantly in demand is glass balustrade.

Glass balustrades give your home a modern and stylish look as well as comply with the safety guidelines of BCA. You can choose them to match with the flooring and decor of your house.

If you’re from Western Australia and looking for quality glass balustrade, here are a few options you should keep in mind while making your choice.

Different types of glass balustrades to choose from:
The more options you have, the better it is. And glass balustrades come in a variety of options to pick from:

Frameless Glass Balustrade — Frameless glass balustrades define boundaries without interruption, giving incomparable safety and perfect finish to any balcony or decking area.

Frameless Mini Post Glass Balustrade — Mini post balustrade is an economic and stylish solution for a garden or glass balcony, with stainless steel finishing touching around your decking or patio area.

Semi-framed Glass Balustrade — An affordable design for a stylish balcony or garden without compromising with quality, aesthetics or safety. It is a low maintenance solution that will allow you to enjoy your outdoor space while simultaneously enhancing your surroundings, thanks to post design that keeps the glass panels intact in place without the need of a top handrail.

Framed Glass Balustrade — Framed glass balustrade is an effective but simple design, ideal for a raised garden or balcony focusing on safety while letting you enjoy the outdoors. Well-known for durability, it is the most widely used railing system for places with larger pedestrian traffic. With availability of a variety of tinted glass options, it is popular as an ideal privacy screen option, creating a personal environment while allowing you to see the view outside.

For semi-framed, framed and mini post glass balustrade you can also choose from different materials for construction of the frame, such as stainless steel, timber or wrought iron, to blend with your decor. This not only adds support to the glass but also enhances the look of the balustrading.

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