Governments Or People, who’s the first to stop the Climate Change ???

Well if i want to say which side has the most responsibility, i would say it is absolutely government’s job to stop the climate change. I mean, why the hell shouldn’t i turn on more lights than before or even drive less in comparison with two or three decades ago. During the past decades, we’ve had so many technological advancements, so we expect to live an easier and so much more comfortable life than before. In my opinion, they(governments) could’ve used all of these new tech in order to provide us with better life and climate, instead they’ve decided to be greedy and use their power to save money for themselves, the money that maybe they won’t be able to even enjoy. Yeah you guessed correctly, i’m talking about most of that 0.7 percent of the world’s wealthiest.

However, that’s not my answer to the question, because i believe even if by some miracle the governments wanted to do something about it , it takes too long for them to implement all of those technologies and save the world. Before they even reach their goals, the CHAOS will happen.

“Migration chaos“ by olivernicklin

Based on above, the only option that can really save the planet is the PEOPLE. Unless, we would like to see the real disaster in let’s say 5 or 6 years (Yesssss, we don’t have time until 2050).


Since changing the lifestyle isn’t going to happen over a night, it is believed that we should designate some simple habits (e.g., turning extra lights or idle devices off) and try to get used to them one after the other (BABY STEPS), but of course in a large quantity.

Let’s say one Eco-Habit per 10-day, sounds doable to me if i really care.

History has proved that if people really want something, the governments have no other option but to approve the people’s demand. Just like the Obama and Gay marriage story (In 2008 he disagreed, then in 2012 he agreed).

Therefore, sooner or later the demand for anything that is damaging the climate will decrease. Then, the governments will actually find no profit in those products and activities. Hence, we give the only reason that they needed to DIVEST from them and invest in their new benefit which will be the RENEWABLE ENERGY.

Otherwise, typhoons, hurricanes, sea level rising, refugee imigration from coastlines to cities and … will make us live in a very difficult time.

Natural catastrophe by

And the OPTION will become the OBLIGATION.

Please comment below, i’d love to see your thoughts and solutions on how to make people gradually change their lifestyle.