Entrepreneurship | A Real Independence to India

While other developed countries are working relentlessly on finding alternatives for human survival on other planets, India, where highest number of millennials live, is still suffering to provide the basic needs such as uninterrupted power, clean water, healthy food and pollution free air which results in half of the billion population fighting with life on hospital beds. So where is the happiness?

After all, is that the reason the freedom fighters fought so hard and sacrificed their blood to see us in this situation? It has been 70 years we got independence. Countries like Japan and Germany made so much progress in creating top notch technologies for the future generations, US and Russia still leading the world with strong capital dominance, China became the world biggest mass manufacturing country. And where are we today? In technology we Indians are №1, is that what you are about to say?

Let me tell you small story, my grandfather is a farmer whose paddy crop was hit by heavy rain which resulted in selling the rice grains for loss. Unfortunately, same thing happened the following year as well. Because of the unexpected natural disasters, if a farmer is hit by financial debt every year and not seeing profits, how do you think that farmer could provide food to this country and how could you compensate his losses you (country) being the №1 in technology?

Out of 1.2 billion, 22% of the population are farmers who are producing and supplying food to the whole country. But, if an unexpected natural disaster hits Indian farmers, can we imagine what would be our situation? Solutions is, before our farmers face such unexpected problems, we need to implement or bring advanced technologies which can conquer our farmer’s problem.

I’m talking about one of our basic needs, food. To bring advancements in food industry alone if we need 1000’s of entrepreneur’s effort to save 20 million farmers, how many more entrepreneurs do we need to work on all our basic needs such as uninterrupted electricity, clean water and pollution free air?

Where do they all come from when every graduate is seeking for comfortable job in a MNC company and not ready to create their own job instead.

In 1944, Subhash Chandra Bose proclaimed a slogan, “Give me blood and I promise your freedom”. If he is alive today, I doubt, he would be disappointed by seeing the young generation for not sacrificing even their high paid jobs to bring the real freedom to India, i.e. creating their own job.

Fear of taking risk, fear of failing, fear of disappointments. Is that invisible fear pulling you back from becoming an entrepreneur? I agree, but who are all these people who changed entire view of India and put a dent in the world?

Look at all these great people who created millions of jobs in 20th century irrespective of the movement policies!

Dhirubhai Ambani, Ghanshyam Das Birla, JRD Tata, Ardeshir Godrej, Kailash Chandra Mahindra and so on. Combining all created 10’s of millions of jobs and happiness in millions of families. Today, India is in this position just because of such courageous individuals decided to start their own ventures. Are they all born with business mind? In their words, they failed and failed and failed but always learned.

Form 21st century entrepreneurs, Narayana Murthy himself said in his own words at a pre-commencement address at New York University that Infosys created 70,000 well-paying jobs, 2,000 plus dollar-millionaires and 20,000 plus rupee millionaires in 17 years, it all started with 5 people who met in a small office in a leafy Bangalore suburb. He believed that entrepreneurship, resulting in large scale job creation, was the only viable mechanism for eradicating poverty in societies.

My friends, if we don’t act now, we will be in deep trouble, we can never compete with China in mass manufacturing, we can never compete with countries like Japan, Germany in advanced research, we can never compete with countries like US, England, Russia in dominant leadership.

Today I’m addressing to all my friends who are fortunate enough to get good education. Please don’t limit yourself by just serving a MNC company but we want you to build one. I would like to convey one thing, please don’t feel relaxed with the comfortable highly paid jobs, there are millions of despairing men, women and children seeking your help.

Friends, let’s see the real independence in India by creating more jobs, thereby happiness in their families.

Jai Hind!