The girl I met on Vegas strip

One thing I learned when I visited Vegas during one of the worst times of my life.

Like many people, I had Vegas in my bucket list to visit. Ironically, I got my chance to clear it off my list not with my first paycheck, but when I was jobless. There I was few miles from Vegas, sitting in a room, searching for jobs, trying to reach stars, but after a few days when nothing turned up, I decided to go to Vegas. But if you ask why Vegas: in my mind, it’s a place with lots of flashy money and it reminded me of my dreams and hence it keeps me motivated.

Finally, I found a place where I could stay inexpensively and luckily it’s just a 20 min walk from the Vegas strip: home of casino’s, bars, restaurants and yeah hottest#yes#girls. My room mates at that place were most diverse set of people under one roof: an 80 year old attorney cum land lord, 3 club dancers who were looking to settle in Vegas and a male-stripper. I might not get a chance again to live with such diversified people, but it was lots of fun.

Since this old guy was an attorney and didn’t have his family with him, he took us out with him to show the places around. Once, he introduced me to the former governor of Nevada: who happened to be a club singer when she moved to Vegas and eventually became the governor. Life is all happy at this new place, I was using university library as my office for job search and every evening I used to hit the casinos to do my own case study on money.

Like every other day, on one fine evening during my escapade to the vegas strip, as I stepped out of my apartment, I saw a lady walking in front of me. Since it’s a 20 min walk, instead of walking alone, I asked if she was also going towards the strip so that I could join her. She replied with a Hi and with a polite smile, said yes. After a long conversation about life, she asked me, “Do you really don’t know what I do?” and I replied, “yeah, you said you are a waitress in some restaurant, right?” and

she said, “No, I’m a prostitute”.

She confessed that she thought I was an undercover cop so she lied. I know it’s funny. Then I said, “Hmm..! Nothing wrong in it, sometimes the situations lead us to making some life choices”. Then I described some stories of people who used to do the similar job and how they became the real stars like the governor whom I met a day before. This conversation went very deep into her heart and finally the reality came out and she said, “ I’m a good writer and I love writing”.

The image that I created in my mind about her in the very beginning as a waitress had changed to prostitute and then finally to a writer. The final hug she gave me when we reached to the strip was memorable and the hug was telling me that I reminded her that she was a writer.

While meeting these unique people like that old attorney, the governor, club dancer, male stripper or the prostitute. Until I put myself into their shoes and spend time with them, I did not truly understand their personality. I realized that to understand someone’s nature you should travel in his or her company for a while. Or else you would create an image on your first meet and a different image on your second meet and you will certainly be disappointed when you meet next time, esp. if you don’t see the image what you created first.

Unless you travel with them, trust won’t be built. Unless the trust builds, you won’t see their true nature.

We meet many people in our life or while we are traveling. Most of the time, we create an image when we see a person in our mind based on the information that is available at that moment such as appearance, social status etc. Sometimes we become best friends with some of them but with most of them we don’t go along for long time.

So my bottom line from this experience is: To understand others you better walk with them for a mile.