Who designed your life? Is it you?

Whom I’m talking to? Dreamers? Entrepreneurs? Game Changers? Who just like to improve the quality of their life.

I’m wringing this after I observed many life stories of people around me. I always fee our life is designed by some experts, then we continue to wherever it takes. Do we really do that? I’m just wondering how many of we design our life when we are out of school? Let me ask you in a better way.

I said when we out of school, because education system is completely planned, organized, structured and experts designed it so well. So we study 6 subjects in in school, if you pass them, you are eligible to study high-school, Now you have to study 2 years, there you have to complete 12 subjects in order to write competitive exams. Now you have 4 years to complete a degree, there you have 8 semesters, in each semester you have 4 subjects to clear. Once you are done that, you’ll have a degree in hand. Same way Masters and so on, completely planned, organized by experts.

When you takes MPC after high school, no matter what you have to continue it till you become some engineer and lead life there onwards. Similarly, lets say you got into Mechanical engineering branch in Bachelor’s, what follows next is find jobs in automobile industry or in some kind manufacturing industry, then will ended up as some kind of engineer one of the plants. But is that what you really wanted to do in your 20’s or 30’s. Is that life designed by your own inner thoughts and is that the lifestyle you want to follow into your 40’s and there on.

Till the age of 21 or 23 or 25. I feel we have very small role to play in life, studying, writing exams, satisfying the society with targeted score. During this phase, in most of the cases everything will be taken care by family, we will be guided by teachers and futures will be followed by the results of the exams.

But once we are out of education, don’t we think we need to take care of everything like design, implement and take responsibility of the outcome. How many of we again design our life like the expert helped us get those degrees.

Lets say, once you got the job, where do you want to position yourself in the next 5 years? What kind of lifestyle you wanted to have and live in?

I’m talking in terms of reaching your dream. Don’t lie that you don’t have any dream, everyone of us wants live in some kind of lifestyle and I call it a dream.

What is the one thing you want to achieve in life? And WHY? What is the time line to achieve it? What you should be doing now to reach that dream in certain time line? Where do you have to be by the end of the year to reach that in certain time, lets say 10 years from now.

I’ve been reading stories of successful people and being surrounded by many successful people but what is the real reason they reached their dream and what matters is living in it.

Since its just observations and thoughts comes from my perspective, I can’t conclude with an answer, I’m leaving it to your thoughts. We will examine it together. I’ll explain how my entrepreneur journey started and how we could able to reach certain targets by setting up short term goals.

References: Books ‘Start With Why’, ‘The One Thing’