Be All You Claim To Be

Warning! This is a promo-piece

I spent a month volunteering in Lesvos for the refugees arriving there. It was brutal, traumatizing and beautiful at the same time.

… pause for dramatic effect …

This is when you tell me how amazing that is. I’ll give you my humblest look (whilst secretly glowing for the compliment) and I’ll explain it really wasn’t that big of a deal because I’d quit my job and had too much time on my hands anyway.

Then you’ll tell me that you wish there was something you could do but you just don’t have the time and moreover, where would you start?!

I’ll try and comfort your conscience by saying that obviously not everyone can just up&go to volunteer in some godforsaken place. You’ll smile and we’ll probably continue drinking beer.

But then, out of nowhere, I suddenly pull out a flyer from my pocket faster than Superwoman can fly and flash you my most creepy-realtor smile.

Like this.

“It’s your lucky day!” I’ll say. “You can help without even noticing. You don’t have to do anything you normally wouldn’t, but you’d be so much more bad-ass after. It’s like free karma points being handed out to you!”

All you need to do is this:

1. Buy a ticket for Rave for Humanity;

2. Get your ass over to “Het Sieraad” on the 27th of February (that’s a Saturday so no excuses about work);

3. Bring your friends;

4. Drink more than you should, but roughly the same amount you do every other Saturday night;

5. Buy a lottery ticket to win some cool prizes;

6. Dance the night away;

7. Be a hero.

Man With No Shadow, Mike Ravelli, Eric de Man, Vriendje van Ferry, Disco Troopers, Dialoque, Brass Rave Unit, BB Deng and Vala will provide the soundtrack for the night. And there’ll even be a virtual reality 3D refugee experience to satisfy your high-tech needs.

All the cash you spend on destroying your liver and brain cells will be used to give those who don’t have that luxury an opportunity for a better life.

It was never easier to be the socially conscious, involved and committed citizen you claim to be. You’re welcome. Get your tickets here.

If you need some more motivation, listen to Lange Frans, he’s awesome.