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For several years I was fascinated by the collaborative religious ritual of mandala building and the visual beauty of mandalas. For those who do not know, mandala is a spiritual and ritual symbol in eastern religions, mainly in Hinduism and Buddhism. Mandalas mostly show the universe and its geometrical balance or harmony. Images are being created from colored sand, rice flour or other loose material. …

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Photo by Štefan Štefančík, Kôprovský štít, Vysoké Tatry, Slovakia

When I am meeting travelers from all around the World, they usually do not know much about the country where I was born — Slovakia. …

Prod.Dev.Offsite 2014

First of all, Thanks for coming here. To be honest, I never really wrote any longer blog in my life so far. But once everything is first, so lets give Majo a chance ☺

Just FIY I studied in Portugal (Erasmus exchange program)on ESAD(2009) and worked as an intern in a forward-thinking studio — This is Pacifica™ (summer 2012) & since those times I am still in ♥ with Portugal. So I was more than happy when I discovered that I could participate atProd.Dev.Offsite 2014 in Vilamoura organised by LogMeIn.

Probably I deserved it thanks to the Portal X (Behance coming soon) project, which I was designing during the Hackathon week, back in Budapest. I am going to repeat myself (check my video if you haven’t yet), but our project got selected to the best 10 projects of the Hackathon week. …


Majo Balko

Full-time curious optimist, ecologist, creative generalist, freelance multidisciplinary designer @ www.maioam.com www.majobalko.com

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