Nobody wakes up thinking my world is gonna change today, but sometimes that’s exactly what happens.

Last October 4th, I boarded a plane, leaving behind the most precious thing in my life, my daughter and my family, including my husband at the time.

I jumped into an adventure with unthinkable consequences.

All 5 of the Uruguayans that were selected

I have to be super honest, when I decided to apply to YLAI I had no idea of the butterfly effect that would have in my life; mostly because I thought I would never had a chance of being selected.

6 weeks after going through what I can only describe as one of the most enlightening experiences in my life, I came back home, with the exception that this wasn’t my home anymore.

Something happened to me while I was gone, I got to realize that there is an entire world out there waiting for me to explore it, that we really have no idea how lucky we are (and I came to learn this the hard way, sharing my days with people that didn’t even knew if they could come back to their countries), that what I do actually matters and that I can be the change in the world.

So there was I, in a life that just didn’t fulfill me, in which I wasn’t happy and I was only 34 years old (yes, I consider myself young).

So I fill me with courage and decided to get a divorce, come back to my mom’s house (which is not easy to do when you are an adult and you have a child) and dive in completely to my business.

In the past 8 months I’ve been living an emotional rollercoaster, I’ve being in the I can do whatever I set my mind to moment and the I’m gonna quit this and look for a “normal” job like 100 times by now.

Magical things happened to me these past months and some painful things as well, but there is not a single moment in which I regret the decision I made.

Today, I am scared, happy, tired, exited and anxious, about to launch my business in the US praying to whichever G’d exists out there to ensure me that I am making the right choice, that this time things will just work fine for me and that maybe, if I am lucky enough, by the end of this year I would be able to live my new life with my daughter without depending on anyone else.

Last October I board that plane without thinking, today my world is gonna change, but that was exactly what happened.

So I encourage you all to dream but most important, dare to wake up.