Alastair Majury on Network Rail Fail to Tackle Dunblane Graffiti

Graffiti That Network Rail has Failed to Remove

Network Rail Fail to Tackle Dunblane Graffiti

The Network Rail bridge over the river Allan in Dunblane has had graffiti on it since June, with both local Councillor Alastair Majury and Stirling Council separately alerting them to this issue. Although weeks have passed since being informed Network Rail has failed to remove the graffiti from the bridge. Councils under section 58 of the Antisocial Behaviour etc. (Scotland) Act 2004 are able to serve Network Rail a removal notice giving them a minimum of 28 day to remove the graffiti.

Under the act if Network Rail still fail to remove the graffiti then under section 61 of the act “the local authority is empowered to remove, remedy or otherwise clear the defacement, and may enter any land in so far as it is reasonably necessary to do so for this purpose.” and are empowered to recover the cost incurred.

Local Conservative Councillor Alastair Majury said:

“I’ve received a number of enquiries relating to the bridge being defaced with graffiti. I am very disappointed that Network Rail has failed to act and have forced the Council to issue a formal notice against them. Given their poor record locally, the awful Perth road Bridge being a good example, I would have thought they would want to do their best to improve their image, apparently not.”

Alastair Majury resides locally in the historic Scottish city of Dunblane, and is a Senior Regulatory Business Analyst working across the country. Alastair Majury is also a volunteer officer at the local Boys’ Brigade company, a charity which focuses on enriching the lives of children and young people, and building a stronger community. Alastair Majury also serves on the local council (Stirling Council) as Councillor Alastair Majury where he represents the ward of Dunblane and Bridge of Allan, topping the poll.