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Alastair Majury
Jul 19 · 4 min read

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You may have read recently about the improvements that Bear Scotland are making to the approaches of the Keir roundabout. Whilst anything that improves the safety of this roundabout is to be welcomed, the planned improvements are clearly insufficient, if safety is the primary motivation.

I include Bear Scotland’s Press Release on the subject further down this article, however Transport Scotland’s own experts clearly state that the Keir Roundabout would benefit from being grade separation, the Auchenkilns Roundabout was grade-seperated (

As queuing at Keir Roundabout is also a significant factor in collisions at the junction, with 70% of collisions involving queuing vehicles. Collisions at Keir Roundabout accounted for 31% of accidents at all junctions on this section of the A9.

The A9 Keir Roundabout to West of Broxden Roundabout Corridor Study Says:

“The DMRB Stage 1 Assessment report concludes that the grade separation of Keir Roundabout should remain part of any strategy going forward.”

“Section 1 — Keir Roundabout

Junction Characteristics

Keir Roundabout is a large at-grade 5 arm roundabout joining the A9 (Bridge of Allan), M9 (Central Belt), B824 (Doune) and B8033 (Dunblane) and as such suffers from congestion at peak periods. The roundabout has 2 circulatory lanes and is fully lit.

Problems and Opportunities

Initial analysis of the most recent studies on the route; including the DMRB Stage 1 report (AECOM, 2013), indicate that improvements to Keir Roundabout in the form of an upgrade to a grade separated layout should be included within the overall development of improvements within this section of the A9. Delays are known to occur at this junction, which provides a connection between the A9 and M9 and also traffic feeding into the north of Bridge of Allan and Stirling. The DMRB Stage 1 report makes reference to a recent BEAR Scotland report which investigated queuing on the A9 approach to the roundabout and indicated that when flows exceed 1,500 vehicles per hour, queues can extend up to 2.5km from the junction. Significant queuing occurs on Sunday, Monday and Friday evenings and continues over a three hour period from 3pm onwards.”

“Queuing at Keir Roundabout is also a significant factor in collisions at the junction, with 70% of collisions involving queuing vehicles. Collisions at Keir Roundabout accounted for 31% of accidents at all junctions on this section of the A9, although it is noted that the majority of these were categorised as ‘slight’.”

“In line with the DMRB Stage 1 Assessment report, it is therefore recommended that grade separation of Keir Roundabout be taken forward for further consideration at subsequent stages of assessment. Due to the strategic importance of the Keir Roundabout and relatively high traffic movements through it, potential options are likely to be on a larger scale to the remaining junction improvements along the route, therefore this could effectively form a stand-alone package within the corridor improvements.”

Please sign the Upgrade the Keir Petition —

Bear Scotland’s Press Release

Works will improve motorist awareness of the approaching roundabout and enhance safety

A new £210,000 road safety project is underway on the A9 around Keir Roundabout to help improve road user safety.

The project will involve installing four new dynamic vehicle activated signs on the A9 southbound approach to the roundabout. New road markings will also be introduced on the roundabout itself as well as new signs on the local roads, the B8033 Stirling Road, B824 and the A9 towards Bridge of Allan. This will improve the safety of vehicles which travel the route by alerting drivers of the oncoming queues and help guide drivers around the circulatory carriageway of the roundabout itself.

The improvements started this week and will take place in various stages throughout the next two months during overnight hours to minimise any impact to road users.

Commenting on the project, Andy Thompson, BEAR Scotland’s North East Representative said: “Safety is a top priority for both BEAR Scotland and Transport Scotland and this scheme is part of our commitment to improving road safety on this section of the A9 and the busy Keir Roundabout.

“The project is being carried out overnight to minimise the impact to motorists, however, we encourage road users to plan their journey in advance and allow some extra journey time.”

The works will be carried out by BEAR Scotland, Lochwynd and Clearview and have been planned in consultation with Police Scotland, Stirling Council and Transport Scotland.

Real time traffic information is available from Traffic Scotland on, twitter @trafficscotland or the new mobile website

ENDS 28 June 2019

Scheme coordinates: Latitude, Longitude 56.170357, -3.9703828

Note to editors:

  • BEAR Scotland manages and maintains the trunk roads in the NE and NW of Scotland on behalf of Transport Scotland.

Please sign the Upgrade the Keir Petition —

Alastair Majury resides locally in the historic Scottish city of Dunblane, and is a Senior Regulatory Business Analyst working across the country. Alastair Majury also serves on the local council (Stirling Council) as Councillor Alastair Majury where he represents the ward of Dunblane and Bridge of Allan, topping the poll.

Alastair Majury

Written by

Alastair Majury resides locally in Dunblane, and is an IT Consultant working across the UK. Alastair Majury is an experienced Business Data Analyst in FS.

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