To Chase Love

I dream of a space of peace. Fit to house the centered mind, of which I strive to achieve.

I long for adventure, and opportunity. Freedom, and time and energy, to seize the moment.

In my universe, to chase love is to burn a bridge.

It is to also watch that bridge deteriorate from a platform of relief. To be accompanied by feelings of joy, reminiscence, anxiety, and hopefulness.

To chase love is to use the light of the flames to guide my path.

It is to use the lessons of what was, to help create what will be.

Creation, is what will be.

I yearn to create and love through my art.

I yearn to speak truthfully to myself. To feed my soul. To love my everyday.

I yearn to endure the exploration of colors, movement, sound, body, language, life.

To speak my truest mind.

To engage in aesthetic spontaneity and liberation.

To feel the slightest movement of the air around me, to embrace the light of the sun.

To capture the treasurable moments of time.

To archive the little nows.

To live and love through my productivity.

What will be is a self that I’ve yet to encounter, but one that I feel is ready to emerge and shed a skin of fear, timidity, and hesitation.

A self is that set to be vulnerable and full.

A spirit that is ready to thrive.

A life, ready to be fulfilled.