When Lovers Collide

When Lovers collide

In decisions

In beliefs

They sometimes become speechless, retractive

As if force fields won’t allow the power of their touch to reconcile and reunify

And drain the negative energy that clouds their space like a volume

of dust being swept from within a lonely heart

They find trouble in seeing the other as them self

And not as the source of their momentary frustration

Like enemies, they seek a petty edge

But as lovers, they care enough to be sure that edge doesn’t slice the skin

And rip its way into the beloved flesh of their partner

When lovers collide

Rain pours

Skewing sight of the love that surrounds like

Oxygen for their hearts alone

Drowning out lust and beauty

Jilting damp meaningless words that puddle

Until dissolved by apology and forgiveness

They leak inside, like a faucet in winter

Cold enough to leave the soul frost bitten and achey

Left only with the option of being steamed free through passionate rehabilitation and reaffirmation of the fact that they are indeed, lovers

Simply caught in a moment of “I don’t understand you, you’re hurting me and not caring to understanding me either”

But somehow we really must get back to love

So that we can fall asleep like spoons laid sideways in the top right kitchen drawer

So that we can wake up to the same light and share our dreams and good mornings

Sip our water and send each other off into the day

We can’t let a simple collision take this all away

Because, when lover’s collide, sometimes it leads the two astray

Straight back to square one with another

So what happens when you collide with that lover