Intelligent Product Mascots and Bots are the Successors of Apple and Android Apps.

Today we have around 1.6 million Android and 1.5 Apple apps in respective app store. Even giants like Facebook are forcing their users to switch to different app for messaging to give them best possible experience. The upcoming billion of people will use internet through small handy devices like tabs and smart phones rather than laptops and desktops. People are habitual to apps and they are using them for last 8 years. Android and Apple apps are doing exactly what they should be doing right now. Frankly speaking , I forgot that I have a macbook, sometimes I remember it when I am absolutely free and have nothing to do. But, Rising sun will eventually set. “Variety is the spice of life” , and so once people get accustomed to doing the same thing again and again , they are prone to getting used to it which ultimately leads to boredom. So we need change, something that will replace apps and will uplift the experience of accessing and generating information.

In 1898 born Bibendum, known as Michelin man, well known mascot for Michelin tire company then came coca cola’s Polar Bear and Pillsbury Doughboy. Products started representing themselves through non human mascots. After few years some of these mascots started talking (animated mascots) , and now days , in era of AI and big data they are trying to do conversations.

Two months back The Washington Post published one article “The next hot job in Silicon Valley is poets”. Not only software engineers but also Poets, Comedians and writers are behind Siri, Cortan and Aleaxa. Slack bot is capable of ordering the things, can query behalf of boss, automating emails etc. Tech giants Google, Amazon, Facebook are spending in millions for research on virtual assistant. According to Forrester Data , by 2025, 12.7 million new U.S. jobs will be in robotics and by 2019 , more than one third of the workforce will work side by side with such technologies. It is possible that todays IOS or Android developer will work as bot developer in future and will right plugin for your product on existing bot framework. Consider a food delivery provider’s plugin for Siri.

Eventually, people will become more comfortable with bots and they will start using them in their day today life. How about ordering the pizza by commanding you bot rather than ordering it using app? Just tell him that you are hungry and he will do the needful. One can command the bot for weekend plans and he will book movie tickets and will reserve the table in nearest bar.

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