What self-love means to me in 2016

Beautiful human being- you. Dearest Ella, words cannot convey the feelings of joy, inspiration and self-love I felt when I read this. I will be honest, I read it about three times, I then showed it to my mum and have been sharing it with all the other lovely ladies I know. I am so beyond happy and thankful that you have shared this with the world. I can’t wait for it to travel and reach out to other beautiful people, who are either too afraid to voice it for themselves or have not found the courage to even fathom it. I just want to say thank you, thank you, and 100 times thank you. I love being reminded that there are beautiful souls like yourself that many people can relate to. This reminded me of my favorite quotes; “I am going to spend as much time as I can creating delightful things out of my existence, because thats what brings me awake and that’s what brings me alive”- Elizabeth Gilbert. Keep doing you Ella!

Love and light-Makayla ✨💕